The agricultural sector is constantly developing, engineering minds come up with new machines aimed at improving the efficiency of farming. But even without old models, doing business in this segment is impossible.

Both large agricultural holdings and small private farms need modern technology. Timely and careful transportation of agricultural machinery allows you to cover the needs of an individual representative of the agricultural business in improvised mechanisms, without which a successful sowing, field cultivation, and harvesting campaign is impossible. However, delivering often oversized machines with a large mass to the place of use is not an easy task. This type of transport and logistics activity requires knowledge and experience, technical and human resources.

Fahrwest Logistics (Poland) offers transportation services for agricultural machinery from Poland to other EU countries, from Europe to Ukraine and Moldova, to the countries of Asia and the Caucasus. And we will also deliver cars in the opposite direction – to Europe from other regions of the Eurasian continent. Over the years of successful activity, we have thoroughly studied this segment of transport and logistics activities. Therefore, we are ready to provide a comprehensive service, which involves the implementation of all stages of delivery by one company. If you need to transport oversized structures – machines and installations for growing, processing and harvesting crops, be sure to call us. The manager will provide detailed advice and tell you how to effectively build cooperation.

Features of transportation of agricultural machinery

The main difficulty in the delivery of agricultural vehicles is that, as a rule, they are vehicles of large size and weight, often with fuel residues in the fuel tanks. Overall parameters of mowers, threshers, plows, sprinklers and other types of specialized self-propelled wheeled equipment significantly exceed the allowable standards for cargo transportation. Often, the edges of the equipment even run into oncoming traffic. Therefore, the rules developed for oversized cargo apply to this type of structure.

And if the equipment is not new, but is delivered from one agricultural site to another, then, in addition to the rules for oversized cargo, the rules developed for the transport of dangerous goods (due to the remaining flammable fuel in the fuel tank) apply to such a shipment.

It should also be borne in mind that the transportation of agricultural machinery is an urgent task. If the mechanisms are not at the place of use in a timely manner, the risk of disrupting the season increases. The timing of planting or harvesting is determined by crop cycles and the weather. Procrastination can cost a farmer a crop.

All these conditions and factors determine the high importance of concluding a contract for the delivery of agricultural machinery with a trusted carrier.

How is agricultural machinery transported?

It doesn’t matter whether it is necessary to transport agricultural machinery to Poland from neighboring countries or the equipment is transported within the country, Fahrwest Logistics focuses on international specialized standards:

  • For the delivery of such cargo, special platforms or semi-trailers are used. During loading, special attention is paid to the correct distribution of weight on the axles of the rolling stock. Loading and unloading of equipment is carried out in compliance with all safety standards.
  • On the platform, the load is fixed with special structures to increase stability.
  • Transportation is carried out only if the necessary accompanying documents are available, after the route has been agreed with the competent authorities and often with an escort.
  • Loaded vehicles are marked, have the necessary signal elements.
  • On the way, transport complies with the speed limit specified by the norms, acoustic and environmental rules. The state of transportation is monitored online through electronic systems.

We take care of the entire delivery cycle – from the development of a route scheme and the preparation of accompanying documents to the direct transportation and organization of escort.

How much does the delivery of agricultural equipment cost?

The cost of transporting agricultural machinery depends on the type of vehicles, distance to the destination and some other conditions. You can get preliminary calculations taking into account the current tariffs by phone from the manager of the company.

We work to solve transport and logistics problems of any complexity. This enables our clients not to be distracted from business issues. Call if you are interested in mutually beneficial cooperation.