Cargo transportation of agricultural products is one of the most demanded areas of the transport and logistics segment of activity. This is due to the fact that not all farms and processing enterprises have a sufficient fleet of specialized equipment. And if it is necessary to transport fruit and vegetable products, a batch of grain crops, they are forced to turn to carriers. In addition to products that are grown in the fields, in gardens and in greenhouses, fertilizers, planting and household materials are included in the cargo of the agro-industrial complex.

Fahrwest Logistics (Poland) is a reliable transport company operating in the agro-industry cargo transportation segment. A special department is engaged in the preparation and organization of the transportation of goods from farms, processing complexes, elevators. Specialists of various profiles – lawyers, logisticians, managers use all the accumulated experience and knowledge to offer customers the best, most beneficial terms of cooperation. We provide services to both large agricultural holdings and representatives of medium and small businesses.

Features of cargo transportation of agricultural products

Delivery of agricultural products is carried out by different types of trucks, depending on the type of goods, loading requirements, transportation conditions, storage duration. For example, transportation of vegetables and fruits requires compliance with a certain temperature and humidity regime. Ripe berries must be transported in a special container to avoid loss of appearance and prevent damage to the goods. And the conditions of transportation determine the choice of freight transport.

Perishable cargo may require refrigerated trucks or isotherms, and long-term storage root crops can be transported by open-body tractors. Liquid cargo may require food tankers. Transportation of grain crops is carried out by grain carriers. In some cases, dump trucks are used, including those with additional trailers. This allows you to increase the carrying capacity of the road train.

Why should the transportation of agro-industrial products be trusted to professionals?

Transportation of fruits and vegetables in many representatives of the agro-industrial complex is seasonal. Therefore, it is unprofitable for farmers to maintain trucks all year round, because in winter they are not in demand. Efficient business management involves cost optimization. And in this case, contacting the carrier when there is a need to transport crops or fertilizers allows you to reduce costs. At the same time, the task of the carrier is not only to develop a route that will allow delivering the goods to the right address in the shortest possible time and with minimal financial costs.

The transport and logistics company must also ensure the reliability and safety of transportation, which means choosing the right vehicle, preparing accompanying documents, organizing, if necessary, warehouse services, and forwarding support. Competent organization of transportation of agricultural products makes it possible to exclude the negative impact of external factors on the product, to ensure its transportation intact, while maintaining the presentation, weight, nutritional characteristics. It is difficult to achieve this for a company that has not previously engaged in this type of activity. This is the main argument in favor of a proven carrier that has the necessary experience and resources.

Additional services

Our company compares favorably in the transport and logistics market in that we offer our customers a full range of basic and related services. When delivering agro-industrial products to Poland or vice versa, you can take advantage of a wide range of support services. We offer:

  • Warehouse services in Poland and other EU countries.
  • Cargo insurance, which allows you to minimize the financial risks of the customer.
  • Ensuring measures to comply with sanitary standards in the process of temporary storage, packaging, loading and transportation of agricultural products.
  • If we are talking about the import of goods from the countries of the Caucasus, Asia, from Ukraine and Moldova to Europe or from Europe in the opposite direction, we also take care of the customs support of products, including the execution of customs, shipping and permit documents, including environmental certificates and much more other.
What do our clients get?

When ordering from us the transportation of planting material, fertilizers, crops from Poland to other EU countries or outside Europe, as well as in the opposite direction, you can be sure of high service. A large own fleet of vehicles allows our company to transport goods of any nature and volume at any distance.

By contacting us, you:

  • Provide the enterprise with the necessary amount of transport during the planting and harvesting season.
  • Transfer the tasks of loading, sorting, delivery according to the schedule of products to the transport company.
  • You are freed from the need to maintain equipment and personnel for the maintenance and operation of trucks.
  • When reorienting to other release products, you can not engage in the replacement of special equipment due to its absence.
    You get a guarantee in the complete safety of cargo transportation, and you can control cargo through electronic services at any time of the day.
  • Minimize your transportation costs as our rates compare favorably with those of other carriers. And the cost of transportation for a particular client is calculated taking into account the specific services provided by the company.

You can learn more about the benefits of cooperation, as well as order cargo transportation, by contacting our manager by contact phone. We will also be happy to answer your questions at a personal meeting in our office.