Fahrwest Logistics provides professional services for the transportation of standard cargo from Europe to Asia, Ukraine, the Caucasus countries, back to Poland and other EU countries. Delivery of goods and products by road for many reasons remains the most profitable way to transport them.

  • This is also an economic benefit. After all, transportation by road is many times cheaper than delivery by plane or train.
  • A client of a transport company can always rent a car of optimal carrying capacity – transport costs are always reasonable.
  • This is also the opportunity to transport cargo “from warehouse to warehouse” to any city with which there is no rail or air connection.
    In addition, trucks deliver products directly to the recipient’s address, so there is no need to provide cargo logistics from the warehouses of the railway station or airport storage.
  • Transportation of standard cargo by road does not require the preparation of such a large package of accompanying documents, as is the case with the delivery of products by rail or aircraft.

For people who know how to run a business, the benefits of delivering standard loads by truck to Europe and to the EU through the Republic of Poland are obvious. It remains only to find a reliable carrier who thoroughly understands all the intricacies of this type of service. After all, the transportation of standard cargo from Poland to Asia, Ukraine, the countries of the Caucasus, the import of products into the EU has its own specifics.

This type of activity is regulated by the Customs Code of the European Union, as well as a number of internal legislative norms of Poland. Exports, imports and domestic movements are subject to environmental and health requirements. Proper preparation of cargo documents for entrepreneurs who have not done this before can be a difficult task. Even one incorrectly prepared paper leads to downtime and delay, even arrest of the cargo. Do not want to risk the cargo and even more so the contract? Entrust the transportation of goods to a reliable transport and logistics company.

Why Choose Fahrwest Logistics?

Our clients are guaranteed to receive the following benefits:

  • Selection of a car according to the characteristics of the cargo. We have a solid fleet of vehicles with different carrying capacities, so we can easily select vehicles with the necessary parameters so that you do not have to pay for the delivery of “air” in the back.
  • Transportation of standard cargois carried out on pallets, in boxes, in bags.
  • We undertake the preparation of accompanying documentation, so there are no problems during the flight.
  • The company’s logisticians thoroughly work out the route so that the cargo arrives at its destination as soon as possible, and customers’ expenses are minimal.
  • Control of cargo movement is carried out by means of the GPS system.
  • If necessary, we provide the services of a freight forwarder, a customs broker.
  • Transported goods are insured at favorable rates.
  • The Fahrwest Logistics team consists of qualified specialists of various profiles. At all stages of the provision of transport and logistics services, you will receive a European level service.
  • A client who regularly uses our services is assigned a personal manager. The specialist “leads” the transportation at all stages until the signing of the certificate of completion.

We guarantee customers timely delivery, complete safety of goods, and favorable prices. Do business without being distracted by solving transport and logistics issues. Entrust them to professionals and get an impeccable result. This is beneficial both for companies that regularly send batches of standard cargo, and for those who are interested in a one-time service.

How much does it cost to transport standard cargo from Poland and across its territory

This question is primarily of interest to customers. We offer competitive rates and the cost of the service is calculated individually for each client. The price depends on the following factors:

  • Weight, volume, nature of the cargo.
  • Route length.
  • Additional services – support, insurance, preparation of documents.

You can order a preliminary calculation of the cost of transportation in advance in order to plan your budget. On the company’s website, through a special form, by phone or by e-mail, inform the manager of the input data about the cargo. The specialist will analyze the information and calculate how much it will cost to deliver your cargo from the point of departure to the point of destination. If the conditions suit you, it remains to sign an agreement in which the price is fixed. After that, it remains unchanged. Call, the manager will provide competent advice – briefly, to the point. We will prepare a mutually beneficial commercial offer, which will be the best transport and logistics solution for you.