Fahrwest Logistics offers a comprehensive transport and logistics service in accordance with international standards. We practice effective schemes for the transportation of alcoholic products within Poland and to other countries of the European Union, the Caucasus, and Asia. We organize the transportation of alcohol within the terms specified in the contract in any volume and at any distance. And an integrated approach to the transportation of expensive cargo, favorable pricing policy favorably distinguish us from other carriers.

Features of transportation of alcoholic products

Alcoholic products are considered a delicate cargo, as they are not resistant to negative factors. This explains the need to comply with special transportation rules, including packaging, labeling, loading, compliance with humidity and temperature conditions, both in temporary storage warehouses and on the way. If at least one of the conditions is violated, this can lead to damage to the cargo. And strict rules for the sale of alcohol are determined by the Law on the circulation of excise products. This requires the preparation of a special package of documents.

Fahrwest Logistics conducts its activities in accordance with international law, in compliance with sanitary standards. Our extensive experience is a guarantee of stable, reliable and prompt delivery of alcoholic beverages to any distance.

Selection of transport for the transport of alcohol

Since this type of product is characterized by low resistance to various negative factors, special transport is needed for its delivery:

  • Transportation of alcohol by the transport company Fahrwest Logistics is carried out by means of isotherms or refrigerators equipped with climate control units that provide sanitary standards, the required level of temperature and humidity.
  • Even a short-term exposure of wine, vodka, whiskey under direct sunlight can lead to a loss of consumer properties. Therefore, we practice complete isolation of the body from exposure to sunlight.
  • Since alcohol is often transported in glass containers that are not resistant to mechanical stress, it must be fixed. Before transportation, bottles are packed in cardboard or plywood boxes, which are placed on pallets. Special lifts are used during loading and unloading.
  • Transport is equipped with modern tracking systems, which allows you to control the transportation at any time.
  • In each case, our managers carry out the selection of an adapted truck, taking into account the characteristics of a particular batch of goods.
Our capabilities

The transportation of alcoholic products is carried out by a separate department of Fahrwest Logistics, since this type of transport and logistics activity has its own specifics, especially when it comes to importing alcohol to Europe or exporting it from Europe.

Our employees thoroughly studied the features of transportation of this type of product. Therefore, we guarantee a high level of safety, maintenance of sanitary and technical standards for cargo transportation, compliance with the requirements of the Law on Excise Goods. The experience gained by us allows us to develop optimal delivery routes, coordinate shipments at all stages, and comply with the deadlines established by the contract.

Transportation of alcoholic products by our company includes the following services:

  • Development of the scheme and scheduling of delivery.
  • Loading and direct transportation of alcohol in any batches, including to excise and customs warehouses in the EU (Poland).
  • Delivery of cargo from excise and customs warehouses from Poland to the final recipient.
  • Container transportation of alcohol over long distances in transit through Poland.

Transportation of alcoholic beverages is one of the priorities of our activity. Many years of experience in this area has allowed us to study the specifics and nuances, so we will offer each client a proven and effective solution.

  • We organize security escorts to ensure the safe import and export of alcohol.
  • Transportation of alcohol requires competent execution of accompanying documents. Our lawyers will take care of their preparation, taking into account the characteristics of the consignment, as well as the conditions of transportation. Established contacts with various authorities allows us to prepare the necessary package of documents in a timely manner.
  • Transportation of alcohol is carried out by us in compliance with international standards and international law. The cargo is necessarily insured, which allows minimizing the risks of financial losses of the customer.
How much does alcohol delivery cost?

The cost of the service of cargo transportation of alcoholic beverages across the territory of Poland, to Poland and from the country to other regions is calculated according to the tariffs individually for each client. The manager of the company will prepare a commercial offer based on the input data provided. You just need to contact us by phone. We will also be glad to see you in our office to discuss the details.