Project cargo transportation is a specialized transport and logistics service that provides for the delivery of not just complex cargo (structures, equipment), but entire enterprises, factories, windmills, workshop equipment, which is not possible to deliver in the usual way. For manufacturing companies, it is very important that project cargoes, which include production lines and large-sized equipment, furniture and devices, arrive at the new location on time. In this case, the enterprise gets the opportunity to resume work in a short time. That is, properly organized and carried out project transportation minimizes financial and temporary damage.

Why should project transportation be carried out by professionals?

Transportation of project cargo requires not only a special level of organization, but also experience. Only he allows you to understand all the nuances, not to make annoying mistakes. This is especially important when importing goods to Europe from Ukraine, Moldova, Asia, the Caucasus and vice versa – from Poland. After all, the legal norms in the EU and other countries are different, and a specific project cargo can be qualified as a dual-use product when crossing the border. When exporting/importing, the simultaneous arrival of several vehicles carrying project cargo is important when crossing the border. After all, structures, equipment, as a rule, are declared under one customs code of one declaration.

But not only when exporting or importing, difficulties can arise. Even when moving project cargo across the territory of the Republic of Poland, every detail must be taken into account. For example, when transporting large equipment, regulatory authorities may classify it as “dangerous goods” due to the formal presence of diesel residues in the fuel tanks. The specialist who prepares the accompanying documents needs to foresee this moment in advance and prepare the appropriate permission.

These examples show that project transportation is not a standard operation. There are no standard solutions here. A high effect can only be obtained with an individual approach to each order and as a result of teamwork of specialists from various fields of activity – lawyers, logisticians, managers, loaders, drivers, customs brokers (for export-import transportation).

Fahrwest Logistics (Poland) will transport project cargo from Europe to Ukraine, Moldova, the countries of the Caucasus, Asia and vice versa on a turnkey basis. Dozens of successful projects confirm the high professional competence of our team.

How we are working

Project transportation differs from the transportation of standard or any other cargo in that here the transport and logistics company provides a whole range of specialized services of various profiles. Only this approach guarantees an excellent result – the safety of the cargo, the safety of the transportation itself, and compliance with the terms of transportation. Fahrwest Logistics specialists make every effort to ensure that the project transportation goes smoothly, therefore, they perform the following work package:

  • develop the optimal route from the point of loading to the place of unloading;
  • form transport parties, select vehicles that will carry out transportation, based on the characteristics and parameters of the cargo;
  • calculate the cost, prepare and sign a contract of carriage with the client;
  • think over the most reliable schemes for loading, fixing cargo in transport, unloading on the spot;
  • prepare accompanying documentation, resolve bureaucratic issues, obtain permits for dangerous and oversized cargo as part of a project transportation;
  • perform cargo insurance;
  • carry out loading, transportation, if necessary, provide proper escort;
  • provide mobile monitoring of cargo transportation via GPS;
  • cars are unloaded at the delivery address, the goods are transferred to the recipient.
How to order project transportation of goods?

If you need to transport project cargo to Poland, to other EU countries through Poland and vice versa, contact the Fahrwest Logistics manager via the form on the website or by phone. Provide the specialist with input data so that we can plan the delivery, calculate the cost of the service according to the tariffs. We guarantee high service, complete safety of goods and the most favorable financial conditions. Our resources allow us to provide a turnkey service on our own, without the involvement of third parties, which has a positive effect on the final estimate. We will be happy to answer any questions. Call!