Transportation services for the light industry are required at various stages of production and trade activities. Raw materials are left by road to the manufacturer’s warehouses, then the products are transported from the manufacturer’s warehouses to points of sale or to distributors’ warehouses for further small-scale wholesale or retail sales.

An unprofessional approach to transport and logistics activities in the case of consumer goods can lead to a stoppage of the production line if the supply of raw materials is delayed. Also, the result of poor logistics may be a decrease in purchasing activity due to the limited product range, if the products are not delivered to the warehouse of the outlet in a timely manner.

To avoid such troubles, transportation of light industry should be trusted to a carrier with an excellent reputation, good material and technical base, sufficient human resources, and adequate experience. Fahrwest Logistics is such a company. We offer a comprehensive service of cargo transportation to manufacturers, suppliers and wholesale buyers of light industry goods on favorable terms.

Our offer
  • A large fleet of trucks of various types and carrying capacities allows us to select a vehicle taking into account the nature and volume of products that need to be delivered from Europe to the countries of the Caucasus, Asia or vice versa.
  • A well-thought-out route allows you to reduce the time it takes for an empty vehicle to get to the place of loading and a loaded car on the way. This allows you to minimize the cost of the customer for the delivery of light industry goods.
  • If during the delivery of the cargo an additional related service is required, whether it is consolidation, enlargement and crushing of the batch, stacking on pallets, weight control, marking or repacking, we will be happy to provide services, as we have our own equipped storage areas, both on the territory of the Republic of Poland and in other EU countries.
  • If transportation of light industry involves the export or import of goods to Europe or from the EU, we will undertake the preparation of the necessary certificates and permits, and customs clearance. The import of consumer goods to Poland from other countries always goes smoothly if Fahrwest Logistics handles the transportation.
  • The list of related services provided by our company includes insurance, freight forwarder services and cargo protection.
  • The company controls the transportation of light industry en route by means of electronic systems and is ready to provide the client with a report on the location of the vehicle and the condition of the cargo at any time.

Our company will ensure the delivery of any type of light industry products safe and sound, on time, regardless of the distance and geography of transportation.

Why do they trust us?

High qualification of specialists and extensive practical experience are the factors that help us to easily solve the tasks of high complexity in the field of transportation of light industry products. We do not offer clients typical or standard solutions, because practice confirms that it is more efficient to find personal opportunities for each customer, taking into account the specifics of the cargo and the wishes of the client. A team of specialists of different profiles:

  • collects and analyzes information, calculates possible risks;
  • selects the optimal vehicle in terms of carrying capacity and specifics;
  • carefully monitors the serviceability of trucks before each trip, so that there is no breakdown on the way;
  • develops schemes, schedules and organizes the delivery of groupage or independent (FTL) cargo;
  • undertakes the legal support of the cargo;
  • performs loading and unloading operations in compliance with all safety measures;
  • carries out cargo handling at its own warehouses in Europe.

The well-coordinated work of all departments allows us to guarantee the safety of delivery to cargo owners, an established supply chain, and compliance with all technical and sanitary requirements.

The cost of the service for each client is calculated taking into account the characteristics of the consignment, the distance, and special requirements. Our rates will pleasantly surprise you, as they compare favorably with the rates of other carriers delivering goods to and from Poland.

Contact our manager by phone or contact our office in Poland to discuss all the details, transfer technical specifications. We will be happy to answer your questions and within a few hours we will prepare a mutually beneficial commercial offer that will fully satisfy your profile needs.