Liquid cargo transportation is the delivery of liquid cargoes by special vehicles, which make it possible to ensure the transportation of substances over any distance without changing the technical and physical characteristics, as well as without losing volume. The popularity of this type of service is explained by the ability to deliver valuable liquids door-to-door. At the same time, the cargo can be transported to remote regions with which there is no railway and air communication. In addition, road transportation of liquid cargoes is cheaper than their transportation by other modes of transport.

Features of liquid cargo transportation

Liquid cargoes are fluently transported by transport, which are the product of food, chemical, oil and gas and other industries. They can be hazardous, such as flammable or explosive. Therefore, the transportation of such substances should be carried out by specialized vehicles. But even if the liquid cargo does not pose a danger to the environment, it is only available for transportation in tanks. This type of transport and logistics services provides for compliance with certain conditions:

  • use of serviceable transport and clean, airtight tanks;
  • risk insurance, drawing up the optimal route to prevent emergencies;
  • involvement in transportation of experienced drivers who have undergone special training;
  • organization of escort of the car or column if necessary.

All these conditions can be fully provided to customers by Fahrwest Logistics. We are ready to provide a full transport and logistics service to everyone who is interested in the transportation of liquid cargo from Europe to Asia, the Caucasus, Ukraine or in the opposite direction to Poland and the EU countries.

Why should the transportation of liquid cargoes be trusted to specialists?

In addition to the tightness of containers that are used for the transportation of bulk cargo, in some cases other conditions are required:

  • For some liquids, it is necessary to observe the temperature regime and control the pressure inside the tanks. An example of this would be the transport of liquid bitumen. In the case of transportation of this substance, the tank must be equipped with an autonomous heating system. When transporting gasoline, diesel fuel or liquefied gas, excessive pressure in the tank must not be allowed, because this can provoke a leak of the transported cargo.
  • If goods from the category of the food industry are to be transported, it is necessary to ensure sanitary and hygienic conditions. Before carrying out the transportation of bulk cargoes by tankers, they must be disinfected with environmentally friendly substances before loading.
  • Motor transport must be accompanied by documents that indicate the type of cargo, delivery conditions. If hazardous substances are delivered, the tank must be marked.
Advantages of liquid cargo transportation by Fahrwest Logistics

If you are interested in the transportation of bulk cargo by tank trucks, flexitanks, silo tanks and containers, please contact the specialists. We have a large fleet of our own vehicles. Before each trip, the transport passes the control of the integrity of the container. Our drivers comply with the “Safety of Transporting Hazardous Liquids”. Liquid cargoes are insured against possible unforeseen situations.

We deliver liquids of any hazard class to Europe, as well as from Poland to the countries of Asia, the Caucasus, Ukraine and Moldova. If the route involves crossing the border of the European Union, our specialists will carry out customs clearance of goods in advance, preparation of permits, environmental certificates, etc.

Fahrwest Logistics offers a turnkey service that provides a full range of transport and logistics activities – from planning the optimal route and monitoring loading and unloading operations to monitoring the tank along the entire route. Our company does not work according to standard schemes, as we consider an individual approach to be more effective. Give us the technical specifications, and we will offer you the best option.

How to order liquid cargo transportation in Poland and Europe?

To place an order for the transportation of liquid cargo from Poland, fill out a simple form on our website or contact us by phone. Fahrwest Logistics specialists will provide advice, calculate the preliminary cost of the service. The price of transporting liquids depends on the route (Poland, other EU countries, countries outside the EU borders), the volume and nature of the transported substances, and the hazard class.