One of the activities of “Fahrwest Logistics” is the organization of transportation of oversized cargo. At the same time, it is possible to transport structures and products not only across the territory of Poland, but also within the framework of international cargo transportation in the countries of the European Union and beyond its territorial boundaries. Our company has all the necessary resources and a staff of experienced professionals to expertly provide services for the transportation of oversized cargo, both to Europe from the countries of Asia, the Caucasus, from Moldova or Ukraine, and in the opposite direction from Europe.

Why should you trust oversized cargo transportation to professionals?

Some entrepreneurs are sure that for the transportation of oversized or heavy cargo, it is enough to find the appropriate vehicle. There are many examples when the transportation of oversized cargo is carried out by an ordinary tractor with a trailer. And most often such “experiments” end in emergency situations in which the customer incurs considerable financial losses. All because oversized cargo transportation is the segment of activity that requires the use of special vehicles and the involvement of a qualified driver in road transportation. And it is also necessary to fulfill a number of mandatory conditions, for example, provide escort for the convoy, coordinate the route, and use special markings.

Do not forget that the delivery of oversized or heavy cargo to Poland, from Poland and across the country is carried out only subject to compliance with the current EU legislation governing the transportation of oversized cargo. If the conditions are not met, transportation may be suspended, and the cargo may be sent to the penalty area until the circumstances are clarified. Therefore, if there is a need to transport products or structures that exceed the allowable traffic rules in terms of dimensions or weight, we recommend contacting professionals. We know what to do in this situation.

Features of oversized transportation

Transportation of products and structures with parameters that exceed the permitted standards in terms of dimensions or weight without obtaining the appropriate package of documents is prohibited. Carriers of oversized cargo clearly follow a certain algorithm:

  • Coordinate transportation with road services.
  • Obtain permission for transportation after approval of the route and schedule.
  • Carry out the loading of the structure in compliance with the necessary precautions.
  • If necessary, they agree on the escort of the cargo by a patrol car or a special vehicle of the road service.
  • Unload the car at the address of the recipient.

Coordination points for people who have not previously carried out oversized transportation can be overwhelming and take several weeks. And shipping is quite expensive. Contacting Fahrwest Logistics saves time and money. Moreover, you can not be distracted from business affairs. Specialists will deal with the solution of transport problems “from A to Z”.

Organization of delivery of oversized and heavy cargo

Fahrwest Logistics carries out heavy haulage not only in Poland or Europe, but also organizes the delivery of cargo to other countries of the world. Competitive advantages of cooperation with us:

  • Extensive practical experience of working with representatives of organizations and companies responsible for issuing permits.
  • Highly qualified specialists in the company’s staff ensure high-quality and prompt execution of tasks.
  • Individual approach to each order, drawing up the most profitable commercial offer, taking into account all factors.
  • Punctuality in compliance with the terms of the contract.

We offer a comprehensive service for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo, which includes the following steps:

  • Obtaining a package of documents for cargo transportation.
  • Vehicle selection and route planning.
  • Coordination of issues with the road service and the police.
  • If, according to the conditions of transportation, escort is required, then it will be organized.
  • Tracking the movement of cargo along the entire route.
  • Cargo insurance.
  • Professional loading and unloading.
  • If necessary, customs clearance.
How much does the delivery of oversized and heavy cargo cost?

The pricing of services for the delivery of oversized cargo at “Fahrwest Logistics” is absolutely transparent and does not have any hidden commissions or additional payments. When calculating the cost of oversized cargo transportation, the following is taken into account:

  • Distance.
  • Features of the route following – the presence of toll roads, the need for temporary shutdown or dismantling of power lines or other utilities, ferry crossing, etc.
  • Overall dimensions, weight of cargo. Its characteristic features.
  • Estimated delivery time.
  • Special conditions of transportation.
  • The need for a convoy.
  • Possible customs expenses.

It is possible to order a preliminary calculation. Call for details.