Every day, EU entrepreneurs conclude agreements on the supply of various goods – finished products and raw materials. Warehousing services in Poland are in demand at different stages, both international transportation and delivery of goods within the country. Warehousing services are an integral part of transport logistics and include sorting, repacking, labeling of consignments of goods, as well as their reloading and temporary storage.

Fahrwest Logistics offers warehouse services located along the main transport corridor through Poland. A wide range of warehouse services allows us to stand out from the competition.

Warehouse services from Fahrwest Logistics

Our clients can apply for the following warehouse services in Poland:

  • Manual and mechanized unloading / loading of goods, transshipment operations.
  • Sorting of goods by date of arrival, articles.
  • Repackaging of products in case of damage to the packaging during transportation, if additional protection or reinforced packaging is required.
  • Placement of cargo on pallets, wrapping with stretch film.
  • Weight and nomenclature control, packing, marking.
  • Responsible storage, including ensuring the necessary climatic conditions (temperature, humidity).
  • Preparation of accompanying documentation, including customs clearance.

A professional approach to the provision of warehouse services allows us to guarantee that the goods will retain their original volume, appearance and quality until the moment they are sent as a groupage cargo (LTL) or shipped individually (FTL). We accept for storage goods of different groups, including dangerous, perishable, fragile, oversized. All cargoes accepted for storage are insured in case of emergencies. Our clients are guaranteed to receive timely insurance payments in case of force majeure.

Main characteristics of the Fahrwest Logistics warehouse in Poland
  • Large storage areas.
  • Strict accounting of goods arriving at the warehouse.
  • Indoor and outdoor video surveillance systems.
  • Transport accessibility of storage facilities.
  • 24-hour security, photo and video recording.
  • Parking for trucks.
  • Reliable fire extinguishing system.
  • Round-the-clock work schedule without days off.
  • Modern interior equipment of warehouse space.
  • Automated handling equipment (reachstackers, cranes), IT-controlling.

And professional staff develops for clients individual schemes for consolidation, optimal placement of goods, which allow minimizing the time of loading and unloading operations.

What do our clients get?

Those companies that are interested in cargo storage services in our warehouses are guaranteed to receive numerous benefits and preferences:

  • Take advantage of professional advice from a competent manager who will help you quickly resolve any relevant issues.
  • You can be sure of the safety of the cargo. We guarantee its protection from theft, damage due to non-compliance with storage conditions.
  • Cargo owners get the opportunity to order from us not only warehousing services (cargo storage, marking, palletizing, weight control, etc.), but also transport and logistics services on favorable terms as part of a turnkey service.
  • Fahrwest Logistics has an extensive partner network, which includes companies providing warehousing services outside of Poland. Therefore, if necessary, we will find for you a warehouse that will provide storage of goods (Kyiv, Munich, Sofia, Paris, Brussels) in any city of the EU countries.
  • Preparation of accompanying documentation, including customs documentation, by competent lawyers (EX-1, T-1, TIR, CMR).
How much does the storage service cost?

Our potential customers are quite reasonably interested in how much warehousing services costcargo storage, sorting, packaging, labeling, etc. We hasten to assure you that our price list is not only average, but also completely transparent. The price of the service for each client is calculated on an individual basis and consists of the volume and nature of the cargo, the list of manipulations carried out, the conditions and terms of storage.

How to apply for a warehouse service in Poland?

If you are interested in warehousing services (Poland), you can place a request on the company’s website using a special form or by phone. Our managers will promptly contact you to clarify the details and, based on the technical conditions, will form a profitable commercial offer.