Bulk cargo transportation is widely demanded in various business areas. Especially in the construction and agricultural industries. Bulk cargo is characterized by uniformity and flowability – the ability of small or large particles to fall out of the container under the influence of gravity. There are dusty, granular, lumpy materials. The gradation is based on the particle size, which often ranges from 0.1-10 mm.

For unloading and loading bulk materials, special equipment is used – telescopic loaders, aspiration sleeves, filling machines. Loading and unloading operations are accompanied by the formation of dust. Especially when it comes to dusty cargo with small particles. The use of special devices allows minimizing the loss of bulk materials during loading and unloading. Main types of bulk goods:

  • Building materials like sand, crushed stone, gravel.
  • Mineral fertilizers, peat, coal, ores.
  • Agricultural products – grain, cake, cereals, legumes, sugar.

Bulk cargo is transported by dump trucks, tanks, grain carriers, sugar carriers, tilt trucks, container carriers. A well-composed package of accompanying documents is a guarantee of unhindered travel across the border and other control posts.

Features and rules of transportation

Transportation of bulk cargo from Poland and in the opposite direction is carried out taking into account the regulatory documents that regulate the procedure. Primary requirements:

  • Ensure the safety of bulk materials – prevent their damage and spillage outside the body during transportation. It is necessary to create conditions that protect the cargo from the effects of precipitation, wind and other weather phenomena.
  • Choose the right type of trucks that are equipped with PVC tarpaulins and other covering materials such as tarpaulin, polyethylene film, canvas. The covering material is firmly fixed on the sides of the truck to prevent it from moving.
  • Create the conditions necessary to preserve the consumer characteristics of food products. Transportation of bulk goods such as sugar and starch, flour and salt, tea and coffee, cereals and legumes requires the use of special containers. Usually these are wooden boxes, plastic containers, canvas or polypropylene bags. Grain and grain products are often transported without containers in tilt trucks or grain carriers.

The use of special packaging helps to maintain the original quality of the transported goods. Loading and unloading is carried out by side, rear or top access. The maximum height of a loaded car is no more than 4 meters. Plastic containers are convenient, inexpensive containers that ensure the safety of cargo and protect it from external influences.

The presence or absence of consumer packaging affects the choice of the appropriate type of vehicle. For example, granulated sugar without packaging is transported in special tanks – sugar trucks. If granulated sugar is packed in plastic bags or bags, it can be transported in containers. An alternative option is to stack the bags on wooden or plastic pallets in the back of a high-sided tarpaulin truck.

The rules for the transportation of bulk materials require the creation of safety conditions. The load in the body of the vehicle must not obstruct the driver’s view. Materials are poured to a level below the top edge of the bead. When loading, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the truck during movement, fixing the load in a stable position if possible.

Where to order bulk cargo transportation

The transport and logistics company Fahrwest Logistics (Poland) offers services for the transportation of bulk cargo from Europe to Ukraine, Moldova, the countries of the Caucasus and Asia, as well as in the opposite direction – to Europe. Why you should contact our company:

  • Own fleet of trucks, which means the ability to choose the best option for carrying capacity and other conditions.
  • Team work of specialists. Managers, logisticians, packers, loaders, drivers work on each project. Each employee in his place offers the best solutions, which allows you to achieve the best results, such as the most favorable price offers, high speed delivery of goods to their destination, maximum safety and security of goods.
  • Liability to the client under the terms of the contract. In case of loss or damage to the transported goods, the insurance company will compensate for the damage caused.

We transport any kind of cargo to Poland and other European countries, as well as in the opposite direction. All trucks are equipped with a GPS system, which allows you to determine the location of the cargo at any time.