Are you planning to send a small consignment of cargo to Poland, from Poland or across the country? Do not rush to arrange a rental of a truck with an obviously higher carrying capacity from the carrier. Indeed, in this case, you will have to pay not only for the delivery of the products themselves, but also for the “air” that will remain in the cabin after loading. The optimal solution in this situation is the cargo transportation of groupage cargo (LTL), which Fahrwest Logistics offers you to order.

Features of the transportation of groupage cargo

Groupage cargo delivery is the transportation of products, goods, which includes all the traditional stages of the transport and logistics process. But in a truck, not only the goods of one client are transported, but also the products of third parties – other customers of the transport company. This neighborhood allows each counterparty to pay only part of the carrier’s costs. Consignments are formed at the warehouse of the transport company.

“Fahrwest Logistics” has an extensive network of warehouses, so it easily accumulates small loads from individual customers into a batch for further shipment from Europe to the countries of the Caucasus, to Asia, to Ukraine, back to Poland in one car. For each client, the cost of the service is calculated based on the area or volume that his cargo in boxes, bags or pallets occupies in the body.

Who is interested in the groupage cargo delivery service?

Groupage cargo delivery may be of interest to companies for which it is important to transfer products to customers or partners in a small volume. It is no secret that well-functioning logistics in many cases is the key to successful commercial activity. To maintain your reputation as a reliable supplier, ship on demand, not when a large batch has accumulated. Groupage cargo transportation helps to make business economically.

Full transport and logistics service for the delivery of groupage cargo

It doesn’t matter for us whether you order the traditional road transportation of products, while renting a vehicle in full, or send the products as part of a consolidated cargo.

  • We will fulfill all the obligations that are provided for by the transport and logistics service – temporary storage in a warehouse, loading and unloading operations, insurance, escort, traffic control via GPS.
  • Our company will take care of the customs declaration, if during the transportation of groupage cargoes it is planned to cross the border of the European Union.
  • Our managers, when forming a prefabricated batch for shipment, must take into account the commodity neighborhood, the conditions for transporting different products. If your product requires a certain temperature regime, we will ship it as part of a consignment in which all cargoes require the same conditions.

Fahrwest Logistics form a combined batch so that customer shipments reach their destination as quickly as possible. Sometimes for this, specialists make up complex routes that involve reloading cars. But you do not have to delve into all the details of our activities. For our customers, the main thing is that their cargo will be delivered to the recipient in the shortest possible time, safe and sound, on cost-effective terms.

Fahrwest Logistics is a reliable carrier, which is confirmed by numerous positive customer reviews. One of the indicators of our professionalism is the absence of restrictions on the type of goods transported and on the distance of the route. When ordering from us the delivery of products, raw materials, products from Poland and other EU countries, you can be sure that your cargo will not be lost or damaged. Even at the stage of signing the contract, all important conditions are stipulated, which in the future are strictly observed.

How much does the delivery of groupage cargo in Poland and Europe cost?

Groupage shipments (LTL) are much cheaper for our counterparties than delivery of a small consignment of goods individually (FTL). When pricing for each client, the following is taken into account:

  • The size and weight of the cargo.
  • The complexity of the route, its duration.
  • Special requirements.
  • Preparation of accompanying documents.

You can make sure that groupage transportation, whether it be Poland or another EU country, is always cheaper for small consignments than delivery of the same goods by separate transport, by ordering a preliminary calculation. Provide the specialist with the technical parameters of the cargo (weight, volume, packaging, points of departure and delivery), and we will prepare a commercial offer. Call consultation of a specialist on all relevant issues is free.