Freight forwarding services

Well maintained operation cuts the way to the target

Cargo safety

Monitoring of loading/unloading and status of transportation during the whole way. Insurance policy for cargo damage by the fault of third parties, insurance for shipping delay and other insurance cases.

Shortest time

We provide qualified consultations, fast submission of applications, best routes and compliance with the schedule.

Broad experience

We know all the pitfalls of cargo transportation across the EU and around the world. We have established partnerships with companies in related fields and we can guarantee the profile tasks solving.

Time saving

Our company handles execution of supporting documents and provides services by experienced forwarders. We manage transportations while you’re running your business.

Oversized transportation

Logistics of oversized cargo on a turnkey basis. We carry out a detailed plan that includes a safe route, an assigned vehicle for your cargo and all the supporting documents.

Transportation of dangerous ADR cargo

We transport dangerous cargo in accordance with the regulations, provide special transport, supporting documentation and monitoring of loading/unloading.


Cargo transported


Reliable contractors


Executed orders

  • Road transportation

  • Groupage cargo

  • Cross-docking

  • Customs services

  • Warehouse services

Road transportation

We handle road transportation, starting from consulting and ending with the unloading of cargo at the address of the recipient. We have a global partnership network and solve profile issues of any complexity. We produce complex and personalized solutions for every client. Our aim is to help businesses to transport raw materials, goods, products securely.

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Groupage cargo

If you want to send a small batch of cargo, there is no need to pay for the whole truck. We will deliver your package to Poland and from Poland as a part of groupage cargo and to any point in Europe, Asia and around the world. Consolidation of batches is carried out in modern warehouses, which comply cargo requirements.

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We provide cross-docking operations in Poland. Cargo transportation requires passing through a transit warehouse, including the possibility of sorting, marking and additional supplying of a product batch. This service is good for entrepreneurs who purchase in bulk with the further shipment to small wholesale buyers.

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Customs services

We offer customs services in Poland for clients who take part in foreign economic activity. We provide fast customs "clearance" of various cargoes and support foreign trade operations. We take care of customs and brokerage clearance, preparation of permits, environmental certificates, calculating and making all the necessary payments.

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Warehouse services

Services of a modern warehouse in Poland. A responsible storage in accordance to cargo requirements, a full range of extra warehouse services such as weight control, packaging, labeling. Warehouses have well planned commodity planes, climate control, security and fire safety systems. Modern equipment is used for unloading/loading and transferring inside the warehouse.

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Cargo types

Cargo classification gives opportunity to our logisticians arrange the best route, select the required mode of transport and optimize the costs of transportation preparations. Each type of cargo has to be shipped in accordance to a special way of transportation.

Liquid cargo

Substances that are transported in a liquid or liquefied gaseous state to keep their properties.

Standard cargo

Items with standard weight, characteristic, and dimension are usually transported on pallets.

Oversized cargo

The cargo which size or weight exceeds the typical standard sizes, determined by the traffic regulations.

Refrigerated cargo

Refrigerated cargo transportation requires a certain temperature regime.

Bulk cargo

Bulk cargo includes homogeneous bulk substances for transportation in dump trucks.

Dangerous cargo

Substances or materials that considered to be environmentally hazardous. Transportation of such substances requires compliance with multiple regulations.

Project cargo

Transportation of the special cargo (industrial equipment, factories) requires a range of special vehicles.

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Give our manager a technical task with a cargo description and we’ll quickly inform you of the transportation cost.